Embroidery ~ Drawing with Thread

Munroe has taught embroidery to students from 4th grade through high school. Working with the curriculum, children learn about their subject through drawing, composition, color theory and design. They develop what Antonia refers to as “a vocabulary of stitches” to create texture, movement and form. Enthralled students and teachers continue to praise the use of embroidery as it offers a unique approach to learning. Munroe has taught a yearly Embroidery Residency through the Horizons Program to all fourth graders at the Rockport Elementary School since 2006.


Mixed Media Residencies

Incorporating a wide variety of mediums, Munroe encourages students to explore and experiment with different techniques. Painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking and assemblage are introduced as part of an organic process. Themes may include portraiture, landscape and still life, figurative or abstract, and may incorporate many different curricula.


Projects with Safe Passage, Guatemala City

Munroe has been involved as an artist volunteer with Safe Passage ( in Guatemala City since 2005. She has taught art workshops to the families who attend the Safe Passage program. Projects have included an outdoor 90 foot mural of the Spanish alphabet with related images, mixed media collage portraits and paintings depicting the flora and fauna of Central America. Munroe co-founded the Safe Passage Notecard Project which produces the children’s artwork as notecards, sales of which continue to successfully raise funds for Safe Passage. In 2008 Munroe was artist-in-residence and co-producer of ‘Creacion y Colaboracion’, a collaborative exhibit featuring students’ artwork from Safe Passage and two schools in Maine and hosted by the Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland.


The Madre Project

As of November 2009, Munroe has taught and organized collaborative workshops based on the concept of “Madre,” or “Mother.” The Madre Project is a mixed media art project which offers participants a unique opportunity to create a powerful statement as they explore through their art the question “Who is my mother?” The Madre Project collaboration between Safe Passage and The Art Circle included several traveling exhibits of students’ work, culminating at the Camden Public Library (October 2010) and El Sitio Proyecto Cultural in Antigua, Guatemala (November 2010).

©Antonia Munroe